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The story so far...

Well hasn’t the first month of podcasting flown by?! It has been a bit of a whirlwind since myself and Martin decided that we would delve into the world of podcasts.

We are both avid listeners of other podcasts and just happened to be talking about what we had recently been listening to when one of us (can’t remember who!), haphazardly, mentioned that we would like to do a podcast, which the other jumped straight on…. And that was the start of the adventure!

With us both having a sporting background, it felt natural that we would want to go into this area – also having such a vast array of talented sportspeople hailing from the Isle of Man, it seemed to fit perfectly.

We had, Martin, Matt, Manx… we could sense the M theme. We also wanted to change the standard approach of the chats and concentrate more of the person, their story, their Motivation, Mindset and highlighting a key aspect of Mindfulness.

Hence “The M Word” was born!

First things first, how do we actually record and upload them? Surely it’s pretty easy right?.... How wrong we were! Our initial intro episode was actually recorded with the both us huddling over an iPhone and seeing how it sounded.

Before we brought our first guest in, we started researching audio set-ups, publishing platforms, social media platforms – all of which were a steep learning curve on the technicalities behind it all… rather than just hitting “record”, then “publish” – we’d like to think we know a little more than we did back then!

Our first recordings, after a couple of kinks, went very smooth and we can’t thank our guests enough for their patience and understanding throughout.

Once we had a couple of recordings in the bank (and about 20+ hours of fiddling around to make sure we were happy with the podcast!) we finally went “live” with our #1 Sam Brand Podcast.

Both of us constantly strive for perfection, so after each podcast, we review the episode and think what could be improved. This has led to multiple switches/upgrades in our audio equipment and tinkering with the settings – which I am sure will continue for the foreseeable!

The feedback we have received is overwhelmingly positive and we really want to thank the community who have given their us support and time in order to (hopefully) be one of their go-to weekly podcasts.

The future is definitely looking bright in “The M Word” world.

/Word Out from Matt

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